Spiritual Response Therapy

A healing system called SRT that researches the subconscious mind and soul records, including past lives to find and release inner/subconscious self-defeating blocks and replace them with loving and supportive ideas and beliefs. When negative blocks are removed a client can then manifest all good in their life, which involves prosperity, health, and relationships. It is done intuitively by using a pendulum as in dowsing (a form of kinesiology) and charts, working together with Spirit/High Self, which is the Divine part of you that connects you to Universal Mind, therefore client does not always need be present during the session and can be done long distances. This system helps to empower the client and it’s purpose is not used as in fortune-telling or predictions. SRT has helped thousands worldwide in reaching their greatest potentials.  Developed by Rev. Robert Deltzer.

Brain Restructuring: Is performed in your first clearing sessions and helps in removing negative life statements.

First time client price: $125 after $85 hr. or $1.45 min (depends how long session takes, you will be told how long it will take before starting.)

Please e-mail me for appointment:

High Frequency Energy Transference

Working within the field of energy matter that surrounds all of us, I allow myself to become a conduit and intuitively enabling Source/Creative Force at a higher frequency to physically alter and transform lower disharmonious frequencies held within the client in order to assist with their personal transformation that can or may result in healing of spiritual, mental, or physical situations bringing about a peaceful and relaxed state.

Crystal Chakra Bio-Resonance Therapy

Using the energies of crystals and semi-precious stones on the body and chakras to ground,  harmonize and balance the client. Crystals and stones have certain frequencies that can restore as it corrects imbalance. You feel renewed, relaxed and recharged.

Ear Candling

A holistic treatment to alleviate ear and related problems by using a wax, cone-shaped hallowed out candle. It is a therapeutic relaxation technique similar to acupressure and aromatherapy. Works by using soothing warmth and creates subtle pulling vacuum which is safe and gentle.

*Please note that these services are not in replacement of  your physician, or mental health provider. Please see them if you are in need of medical or mental help and treatment. What I do can be helpful as in Mind, Body,  and Spiritual connections.

*Also Please note I cannot guarantee a healing, many experience results differently.  I am not responsible for one’s freewill. As blocks are removed in soul records, one can still keep replaying the blocks by not accepting it is gone. 

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