An Aha moment!

I was talking with a friend about living in a place where he is and his feeling safe there but not happy.
It occurred to me that we all do it!
I am reading this book for my bookclub called “Life after Life” by Kate Atkinson. No this isn’t going to be a book review. The point is I really didn’t like it, because it was about someone having all these lives and keeps dying and starting over again. Kind of like the movie Groundhog Day! Only too many lives and it gets confusing with the same characters but different scenarios!
So after talking with my friend about the illusion of feeling safe, I had to ask myself what was it that bothers me about that book and all the dying and coming back to so many of the same life, living it over and over again, yet with making different choices that add or subtracts different characters, experiences, and results?
I think because all my life I tried to do the safe thing for myself!
As a child, my family always moved around to different houses and cities, so I never felt secure, I was shy, and not much friends because of moving so much. As I got older and made choices for myself, I chose safe!
I married my husband because he was a good provider, smart, level headed, and yes I loved him! He lived in a same house all his life, well other than being in the Air Force for a spell, but he understood my need for stability.
I had problems with anxiety before I met him, which I’ve come to understand some of it is because I also feel Spirit very close to me, expansion feeling! Also because of my need to feel grounded.
But you give up certain rights to feel safe, you understand what I mean?
After I got married, my parents sold their home and moved far away, so I had no choice but to stay with my husband, I wasn’t making enough money to support myself at the time, and we argued, then came along the babies, more stuck!!
Even though I worked part time, I never felt I could support myself. But I’m getting off track from my story here!
I dealt with anxiety and felt like I was going though the dark side of my soul at one point.
I found a therapist, but when I told her I felt un-grounded and unsafe, she thought it would be a good idea to tell me that “how can I feel safe in this world when there is no stability as our Earth is spinning though the Universe with nothing holding it up or control?” Yeah….never tell someone that who is having a free floating anxiety! Needless to say, I fired her!
I found a great therapist after that who eventually told me that I was “fearing the fear” and that was what I was afraid of: the unknown! I pondered on that statement, and when a panic attack came up, I accepted the experience and tried not to be afraid of it, well, lo and behold, it worked! I didn’t think I was going to die or afraid anymore!

So here’s the thing,….what my Aha moment is, actually my 1st therapist was right in a way; there is no safe in this world! That is an illusion! I’ve come to this realization; We didn’t come into this world to have “safe”!
And this message is for the Lightworkers!
Perhaps that is the reason I incarnated at this time, to be here during this time of transitional changes!
Perhaps my fellow Lightworkers, you also!
How many of you have felt this undercurrent of anxiety? How many of you are living an place on Earth that you don’t want to be, hating it, yet for one reason or another, can’t or won’t leave? Feeling stuck?
Here’s what I think, there is a reason that you are there, to bring into that area of denseness; LIGHT.
We didn’t come into this world to feel safe, we didn’t come for ourselves! We came for the Earth, we came for the many to bring shift and transition into the New Earth! We volunteered, why would we do that? Because we know that this world is an illusion and the truth is this is all changeable but that our truth of who we are, our Greatness, our Higher Selves is un-changeable!
So in light of the bigger picture, what does it matter if we lose this life,(not that I am suggesting causing an early out) as long as our mission is fullfilled! That we bring the transition of the New Earth to this world and help in our small part for the bigger picture.
That is what I got out of reading this crazy book, “Life after Life”. For there is no end to us, we are Spirit having a physical experience, right? It’s the greatest gift we can give in selfless service if you think about it.
Now here’s another side of this not being safe in this world, accept it! By getting yourself out of the way, and with believing in something greater than you, you will be at least have a feeling of safe knowing you are also that Greatness that is within you, so what is there to fear? The Unknown? That is where faith and belief comes in, knowing that we are always in the flow of The Divine Creative Mind, all is given to us from the invisible; “Our Source, Mother/Father God”! This is the New Earth philosophy! Oh, and the thing about the Earth floating around the Universe, well not true either, as there is the Universal Laws of Magnetics and Attractions holding it all together quite well!

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