Angel Message About Shadows


It is not though our “love” that makes us stronger,

but in our “fears”!

In this world of opposites; it is the dark that we fear, some say it is the light…

The fact that is, we are comfortable with the dark, even if we fear it!

Yet we are told to see the “light” and all our problems will be solved!

Not so…seek the dark..the hidden….as that is what controls you!

The Light creates freedom.

But when you shine the Light unto the darkness, dark disappears,

Light is stronger, but only when it shines!

Dark is stronger, when you fear to look at it!

Dive into the dark of your soul, do not fear it, as it is also you!

Claim and re-join that part of  you and be healed.

I am here to help you, fear not!

The Angel of Darkness, “Luthor of the Light”

Note: Ok I got to tell you that this message shook me up! We were told to beware of Angels of Darkness, as they are the fallen angels. But after reading books on shadow work, such as: Debbie Ford “The dark side of the Light Chasers” I think the dark side in ourselves is something we have to embrace and see it’s roots of how it controls us. To understand what the dark side is, it is something that totally upsets us in other people or circumstances that mirrors something inside us, but we refuse to see it’s connection and we disclaim it. It keeps coming up to show us that it needs to be looked into and identified in ourselves, when we do this, it is accepted and forgiven as being human.  Healing can begin when stop hating that trait we carry as weight and bondage, we become freer and Lighter.  The secret is revealed, it is released and we are whole!

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2 Responses to Angel Message About Shadows

  1. pinkwitch1 says:

    Absolutely…this is the message of the Obsidian Mirror of the Mayans, and the shadow work I did last year. I see this message now in many places. Namaste

  2. Thanks Pinkwitch1 for confirming this. I get these messages to explain and teach me. I have been receiving Angel messages for several years just for my own purpose and guidance.
    I started to teach others how to receive their own messages in workshops I created when I realized there was a need to help others with their own inner guidance, which comes natural to me.
    I didn’t realize this shadow work is called Obsidian Mirror of the Mayans as well, so thank you for informing me and replying to my blog! Joyful Peace to you!

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