Angel Message November 27th 2012

We are the flow of the tide,

We come and go with ease,

We do not hold on to this world,

But we assist as needed,

We are pure LOVE,

And it is not filtered from GOD; our Creator,

We give it as we receive it to you, never holding back,

How do you recognize us?

By the Love that flows to you when we are present.

We inspire you to be good,

To be better,

To grow Spiritually,

Together in oneness with all earthy creatures.

We inspire you to be great; in all your unlimited potentials as GOD intended you to be.

And GOD intended you to soar with us,

As that is the plan,

As is our work with you,

Darkness cannot hide the LIGHT that you are,

As now the density is being lifted.

Your greatest challenge, my Brotherin,

Is to see yourselves as the truth of who you are,

And that is what the ascension is,

Rising above all darkness and duality!

Many of you fear this,

And not accept yourselves as this truth,

We need you to know that you are not alone as the Gates of the Heavenly Realm are being opened and all will be made available to help you though this.

We will be Victorious!

As this is the Divine Plan that has been put in place during your descend a very long long time ago,

The plan was placed for your return,

And in this plan was the great cleanse,

Many visionaries have talked about this cleanse,

Much fear has been created about it,

My brotherin,

It is designed to help you to see the truth of this world,

That this world is not your home,

You are Eternal, and this world is always changing,

And you must accept that!

Look though your record books,

And see the many changes of mankind.

You need to release this hold of false beliefs that this world is where you belong,

As it is temporary,

As your belongings in this world are also temporary.

These are the things we must accept that are changeable,

But not the truth of who you are,

And what is the truth?

You are all GODS; created in Greatness!

Now in this truth….How can you fail?

How can you fear??

We are Creator’s helpers and messagers,

Sent here to give you strength!!

Call on us.

Our wisdom will guide you,

Our Light will show you the way,

Our love will heal you and comfort you,

We are many,

We are the army of the Eternal One!

We are the presence of GOD!

We are the Forces of GOD!

How can you fear this world with our help?

It is not possible!



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