Today’s Angel message

Me: Is there a message Angels?

A: Yes, humans think too much!

Me: Explain?

A: You think too much of consequences! I am not speaking of impulsiveness, that which comes from lower frequencies desires.

Me: Isn’t being impulsive a good thing? To act on a thought that comes to you?

A: Only if it comes though you from higher sources.

Me: How do we know the differences?

A: Simple! It’s a knowing that you know – you don’t need to ask – that is what is messing up everyone; “YOU THINK TOO MUCH”!  It takes practice! Learn  to trust it – give into your intuition – surrender to something higher within! Test it – it is how you learn!

Me: What if the thought is harmful to me or someone else? Only I don’t know that until I act upon it?

A: OK, I can see where you are going with this… That is an answer that requires lot’s of inner work. Are you ready for the next phase of Human development? Because that is what it takes, it takes a big step! The fear is the unknown, you have to face the fear, it is not easy, but it is so worth it! We are not talking about purposely harming another, or yourself, but the fear of “repercussions” of your actions that is guiding you… First you need to honor yourself, allow yourself to grow, even if that means disappointing those who don’t want you to. Than you must TRUST the process, trust yourself! Beloved, understand this; it is something your soul crys out for, it is something that you want and has asked the universe to make it happen. Even if you haven’t verbally put it into words, it is in your heart!! And the Universe will make it happen as it aligns the outside world to fit you inner heart needs. Know this: “YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IN THIS PROCESS”  you have Spiritual helpers; your Angel, your Angel committees, spiritual guides, love ones, etc., it becomes a chain reaction all the way up to the higher up to bring it forth from the unmanifested invisible realm to you!

You don’t need to know the process, you don’t need to think how it will happen or force it to. All you need to do is trust, allow, and accept! We have your back! We have your front, your sides and your bottom as well! (Laughing!) You are never alone, even if you think you are.

Your Loving Angel P!

Me: Is there any more that you want to add?

A: Yes, LOVE YOURSELVES!  You are so worth it! We do!

Earth’s purpose has changed, it is no longer a place of existence for learning about duality; good or bad, right or wrong actions!! It was never meant to be that. You were meant to bring your GREATNESS, your EXCELLENCE here. To live life in happiness and connection with source “The One”! It; the world of matter, is now coming back on course – though all of you, collectively – as one – to bring “heaven on earth”. Peace to all! Let us help you……allow us to show you….. invite us in. We love you and God’s message is this:


The Angel teams!

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