How Healings Happen

Healing is not something that is earned or granted! Healing is more complicated than that. It never comes from a force outside of you. It comes from within. Simply a correction of misplaced perception of your fears that had created imbalance, stress, and havoc on your body.

There is only LOVE and it is a harmonious balance that we accept and open ourselves to.

When we aren’t open to this harmonious balance the opposite effect that it has on us is then created in fear.

Think about it; when we feel lack about something we want or need, we create fear around it, then we become stressed by that fear.

Yet, how do we stop this stress when we are in fear? How do we stop fearing? How do we stop from feeling powerless, is what I would ask?

The thing is we are not all alike in what makes us fear, our lacks are all different, right? Wrong, it comes from a feeling of not being connected to a greater force or WHOLENESS. We all share that belief in one form or another.

We believe that we are all alone in this world, really, we aren’t….believe this; that our minds are all connected as well as our hearts. We create a field of energy around us with our thoughts and feelings, some who are sensitive can pick this up. That field is what is connects us all, but yet it isn’t enough to create healing or wholeness. At the core of our inner being is a greater connection to a higher frequency of love, our true essence.

This Higher Love is Divine, and when we connect to it, everything falls into place and we release all doubt and fear.

That is what occurs when a healing happens, we then love ourselves and understand that we are all connected to this greater source and truth of what and who we are. It then shows up in all aspects of our life, our relationships, our finances, health; physical and mental, and our abundances. We are in harmony with life!

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1 Response to How Healings Happen

  1. So as always….LOVE is the Answer! Thanks Angela.

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