I will be a healer at “Spiritquest Health and Healing Expo 2012”

Please come see me and experience what I do, as I am participating in “Spiritquest Health and Healing Expo 2012”, being held at the Regency House * Best Western, 140 Rt 23, Pompton Plains, NJ. On Sun. Sept 23rd. hours are 10am-5pm.

I will be offering short sessions of SRT, combining it with High Frequency Energy transference work. This service is very powerful as I am will be using them together in releasing inner blocks in your soul records and subconscious mind, this will help you to be empowered to shift so that you can be open to all good in your life. Healing is a complex thing, I believe that you have to be in balance; mind, body, and spiritually. Doesn’t mean you have to believe in God, but you have to believe that there is a spiritual system that works within you, we are all part of this force and when we cut ourselves off from it, the results can be dis-ease, or discordant frequencies. Releasing blocks of emotional baggage, some not being aware of its presence, holds us from receiving our greatest good and potentials.  The Expo sounds like fun, and a portion of the proceeds with be going to Hospice, and that is a wonderful gift of giving!! Hope you  see you there, please stop by to say hello, hugs included!!

Here’s the link to the expo: www.psychiclisaann.com

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